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Thursday / June 13.
HomemifashionFinding Zen: Ryan Adda Celebrates Stylish Minimalism

Finding Zen: Ryan Adda Celebrates Stylish Minimalism

Ryan Adda has built its niche designer eyewear brand on the premise that eyewear should add to a person’s natural charm, rather than fight for attention. Minimalistic, sophisticated, and elegant, the brand is building a loyal fan base in Europe, Asia, and Australia. mivision asked Founder Ryan Ho what makes Ryan Adda special.

Q. What is your design philosophy for Ryan Adda?

English poet and painter, William Blake, once said: ‘Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed’. Our brand is based on this philosophy. We believe in the beauty of the nakedness of the face.

The first thing people notice is your face, and we believe your glasses should help to enhance your beauty by flawlessly and seamlessly becoming a part of your face, your personality, and your style.

Q. How did Ryan Adda start?

Ryan Adda started as a collaboration between myself and Agnes Chin. I am a qualified optometrist and have been featured as an eyewear stylist for For Him Magazine in south-east Asia. Agnes is an optician.

We’ve both been in the industry for over 20 years. I’ve always seen myself as a change maker. I want to shift the status quo to enhance efficiency in the things around me. It was that passion that sparked this brand; a brand that had a subtle yet strong presence, with clean, unfussy lines.

Q. Why does someone choose Ryan Adda over other brands?

Ryan Adda’s frames gravitate towards being minimalistic, sophisticated, and elegant. We believe eyewear should add to your natural charm instead of taking away the focus from you. Your glasses should not demand attention and become the centre point, instead, they should help accentuate your face by helping to enhance your natural beauty. Ryan Adda frames do just that. When someone looks at you, they see you in all your natural glory, not the eyewear.

Q. Do you have a typical customer?

Any individual who values simplicity, sophistication, and elegance, coupled with functionality and timeless style. But our typical customers are in their 20s and above; and they are multicultural metropolitan dwellers who like iconic and contemporary design.

  1. Who are the designers of Ryan Adda?

We have a team of designers from around the world working with us on our designs. We are currently collaborating with renowned French designer Mickaёl Guillot on our Zen eyewear range, which will be launched at the upcoming Silmo Singapore on 12–14 April this year.

Q. Talk us through the design process.

Designing a frame isn’t a piece of cake. It is a collaborative process between an optometrist and the designers to ensure the frames are not just a piece of art but are also functional and balanced.

Details of vertex distance to panto tilts and form weight all need to be considered to make the eyewear functional.

I work closely with our design team on the concepts and directions of each frame. Our designers then draw 2D and 3D renditions, which we further refine.

I tend to shift through acetate colours to give our customers the widest range of choice in colourful eyewear.

We focus on all the details minutely, from colours and processes to the best coating and fitting. It’s part of making sure our customers have the best. Always.

Q. What has inspired the latest Ryan Adda collections?

Each collection by Ryan Adda derives inspiration from different areas of life. But our core inspiration lies in the naked, natural beauty of the face.

All our frames follow a minimalistic concept that brings the focus to the wearer by enhancing their beauty, instead of hogging the limelight as eyewear.

Our up-and-coming Zen collection is inspired by the sophistication, elegance, and simplicity of life. The Zen collection frames effortlessly camouflage with the wearer, becoming such an integral part of their face it seems like they were born with it.

The Me collection gets its inspiration from the architectural designs of the places that I have visited as I’ve travelled the world. Each architectural wonder that has had a profound impact on me has been eternalised by becoming a design element of the Me collection.

The One collection is inspired by the boldness of colours, patterns, style, and fashion. One collection frames aren’t for the faint-hearted. They’re for the trendsetters who aren’t afraid to wear their personality and show the world who they are.

Then there’s the Ryan Adda Flight collection.

These frames are a concoction of acetate and titanium, creating a powerful fashion fusion. They’re designed for both Asian and Caucasian fitting, offering a variety of styles with adjustable nose pads for those who need extra bridge stability.

Q. Describe the production process.

Production is obviously a crucial part of our brand to ensure quality and consistency. We take pride in using only the best and finest factories that also produce eyewear for major eyewear brands around the world. Getting these factories to produce for us in smaller quantities is not easy, but having their guidance to create frames of the highest quality is something we are proud of.

Q. Is there anything unique or special about how Ryan Adda is made or in the materials used?

Yes, we only invest in the best quality materials for manufacturing our eyepieces. We use lightweight materials like titanium and high-quality acetate for manufacturing most of our designer frames.

Titanium is highly durable, hypoallergenic, non-corrosive, and biocompatible while acetate, which is used to make part of our Zen, One and Flight collections, is also lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Q. What do you think will be the new big trend in eyewear?

Simplistic, minimalistic, and nude are the new buzzwords in the eyewear industry. Eyewear should make the wearer stand out in the crowd and not become the focal point by clashing with the natural beauty of the wearer.

The world is a chaotic place, and we all seek calmness, peace, and tranquility. This quest for becoming one with nature will manifest as the latest trend in every aspect of life. To narrow it down to the eyewear industry, the inclination now is for functional eyewear that fits today’s pace of life and does not overwhelm the wearer.

Nostalgic eyewear shapes are making a comeback – shapes that give more attention to functionality and timelessness. In terms of colours, pastel shades to match the nudes will be most in demand.

Q. What do you have planned for the future in terms of design?

We have lots in our pipeline and are experimenting with exciting shapes and colours.

As a company, we love breaking boundaries. Our next launch will be Zen, which is all about minimalist designs and bright and pastel colours to suit a nude/simple look – the current trend.

Visit: ryanadda.com