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Sunday / June 23.
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Digital Centration for Dispensing

Zeiss has launched i.Terminal go, a new system for centration that provides a smooth transition from manual to digital dispensing. Requiring just a tablet and a centration frame-clip, there is no need for a server, for any additional software, or fixed devices.

According to Zeiss, the i.Terminal.go has been designed for use by both experienced and less experienced dispensers. It quickly and automatically takes front and side images of the patient once the spectacle frame and centration frame-clip are correctly positioned on the patient’s face.

The distance to the customer is a given because the image can only be taken when a certain distance is maintained. Additionally, the centration parameters can be sent directly to the Zeiss Visustore to streamline lens ordering. Zeiss i.Terminal go can be used as an additional resource alongside existing centration tools, and can replace the pupillometer.

Contact: Zeiss Vision Account Manager