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Wednesday / June 19.
HomemiproductsLKC Reteval

LKC Reteval

Enhance Glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring with objective measurement of ganglion cell function.

The Reteval electro-retinograph (ERG) photopic negative response (PhNR) test objectively measures ganglion cell function by evaluating the electrical response of retinal cells to a light stimulus.

The PhNR test is performed using the portable Reteval ERG device in less than one minute. The retina is illuminated with a red flash on blue background under light-adapted conditions, and results are displayed in a detailed PDF report, along with reference data to aid with interpretation.

Measurement of ganglion cell responses can assist in the detection and tracking of glaucomatous changes in any patient. The test is quick, non-mydriatic, objective and repeatable, can be performed through media opacities, and is also suitable for patients with reduced cognition.

Contact: Designs for Vision (AUS) 02 9509 8100