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Sunday / May 26.
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Melbourne Rapid Fields

Do you want a modern perimeter that is fast, inexpensive, and compact? Do you need a perimeter for multiple practices? Do you need a perimeter that is portable and easy to disinfect? Then Melbourne Rapid Fields (MRF) is for you.

MRF is now a browser-based application, allowing visual acuity and visual field testing on Mac, PC, and tablet devices. Protocols include 10-2, 24-2, 30-2 threshold, screening, and binocular driving tests. Progression analysis and telemedicine home-monitoring are available. MRF has been validated by multiple research studies that show it is accurate and reliable, with outcomes that are comparable to conventional perimeters. MRF can identify patients with early visual field defects and deliver a favourable user experience for children and geriatric populations.

Visit: visioninhome.com