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Saturday / May 18.
HomemiproductsVF2000 Neo

VF2000 Neo

Built on cutting-edge software, the VF2000 Neo broadens clinical scope beyond simply offering the most reliable visual field (VF) testing, without compromising accuracy of results.

An innovation from Micro Medical Devices, U.S.A., the VF2000 Neo is equipped with the latest internal optics, and is able to quickly run VF protocols and a variety of added self-guided vision tests in rich, full-colour 4K-resolution.

The VF2000 Neo virtual reality VF device incorporates complete VF analysis, detailed progression analysis, and the most versatile and efficient vision screening technology in a handheld device to optimise practice efficiency and patient flow without compromising results.

Features include: active eye tracking; full and fast thresholds VF testing plus neuro, kinetic, ptosis and Estermann tests; frequency doubling technology (perimetry) testing; stereopsis; visual acuity and contrast sensitivity; colour testing (Ishihara, D15 and advanced colour tests); eye mobility and strabismus; pupillometry/pupilographer; and there is more in development.

This technology provides the same reliable standard of VF analysis and is Humphrey field analyser compliant with identical report format. It is supplied complete with a Tablet PC and is operational without WiFi.

Compact, space saving, and portable, the VF2000 Neo can be used anywhere – there is no need for a darkened environment. BOC Instruments is the exclusive Australian distributor for the VF2000 Neo.

Contact: BOC Instruments (AUS) 1800 804 331