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Tuesday / June 25.
Homemiproducts1stQ AddOn Lenses

1stQ AddOn Lenses

Cataract and refractive lens extraction patients are educated and have high expectations. There are several situations where a 1stQ AddOn supplementary sulcus lens may be required to achieve the best outcome.

The 1stQ AddOn lenses (Medicontur Group) have very high rotational stability in the sulcus due to the non-torque fourpoint fixation design. Available in monofocal, monofocal toric, trifocal, and trifocal toric options, these lenses allow precise correction of residual spherical and astigmatic refractive errors via the 0.25D spherical equivalent steps and up to 11.0D cylinder powers, trifocal upgrades, and safe reversibility of trifocality via the planned dual lens procedure.

Contact: SurgiVision (AUS) 1300 995 132 or (NZ) 02 8999 3323