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Saturday / June 15.
HomemiproductsC.STIM IPL


C.STIM is Quantel Medical’s premium new intense pulsed light (IPL) device that’s designed to specifically treat dry eye.

This IPL device, operating in the 610 – 1200 nanometre wavelength, is designed to treat meibomian gland dysfunction, significantly reduce the viscous cycle of chronic inflammation, and decrease Demodex folliculorum in skin phototypes I through V.

Easily adapted to any clinic or practice set-up, C.STIM is a userfriendly, ergonomically-designed device with intuitive software. With reduced light absorption in melanin, patients’ inflammatory response is limited, resulting in an overall effective treatment outcome.

Unlike other IPL devices, C.STIM uses a flash-lamp water-cooling system to guarantee homogenous energy throughout the treatment process, which maximises patient comfort.

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