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Thursday / July 18.


The iTrace is a device that supports ophthalmologists with ophthalmic diagnosis and subsequent surgical correction of vision.

Combining total-eye ray tracing wavefront with placido-ring corneal topography, it separately provides information about aberrations from the anterior corneal surface, and those caused by internal optics. Beyond this structural information, the Tracey function analyser provides critical information to understand a patient’s visual complaints and their roots.

The dysfunctional lens index (DLI) grades internal aberrations from one to 10 to support diagnosis and provides easy-to understand graphics to aid in educating and managing patient expectations. The DLI also reduces chair time, improves workflow, and increases patient satisfaction.

As a post-op tool, the iTrace provides toric alignment and the optimal rotation to achieve the best visual outcome. It can detect early opacifications of the posterior capsule to optimise early YAG treatment.

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