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Sunday / June 16.
HomemiproductsProcap with Tango Reflex

Procap with Tango Reflex

Perform Procap (premium refractive outcome capsulotomy) with Tango Reflex Neo by Ellex, a brand of Lumibird Medical.

Although YAG posterior capsulotomy is a well-understood indication, shortcomings associated with legacy laser equipment used to perform the procedure may result in ongoing vision problems for some patients.

With Tango Reflex Neo, it is possible to create YAG posterior capsulotomies with fewer iatrogenic floaters, keeping intraocular lenses (IOL) intact and with precise capsulotomy diameters.

Maintain full visual focus with up to 2mm extended posterior offset. Focus depths, greater than those conventionally in use for capsulotomy, produce a powerful anterior moving hydraulic jet effect, translating into neater tissue separation and superior IOL protection against ionised plasma strikes.

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