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Monday / July 15.
HomemiproductsMedmont M700

Medmont M700

Medmont’s M700 Automated Perimeter uses standard static perimetry to perform rapid and reliable screening and threshold tests to assess visual field loss associated with various conditions.

The M700’s concentric test point density, which increases towards the fovea, facilitates accurate determination of field loss, particularly for arcuate and small macular defects.

In the standard 30° field, 100 test points are typically used with a macula region point density of three. The 104-point macula 10° test is particularly useful for screening for macular-associated visual field defects.

Recognised as a value leader in perimetry, the M700 is used globally and provides one of the lowest life cycle costs to practitioners.

Contact: Medmont (AUS) 03 9259 0800