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Saturday / May 25.
HomeminewsAlcon’s Switch for the Planet

Alcon’s Switch for the Planet

Alcon says a decision to switch to sustainable cold chain packaging for the shipment of its ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs) across Australia will reduce waste by 135,600kg each year.

The decision, following an extensive viability assessment, means new cold chain shipping will feature:

• Green Cell Foam, a bio-based packaging made from corn, which can be dissolved with water or placed in compostable waste. A plastic film covering the foam for delivery can be recycled as a soft plastic.
• ProtectaChill Gel Packs which are reusable and come with 100% recyclable Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE4) outer cases. According to Alcon, the Gel Packs are made in Australia by Sancell, from a formula that is 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and stays frozen significantly longer than ice. The product can be refrozen and reused post-delivery.

The products will replace the use of Styrofoam and Gel Bricks for Alcon’s cold chain delivery across Australia.
In other news, Alcon has expanded its partnership with Plastic Bank – an organisation that builds recycling ecosystems in underdeveloped communities to fight plastic pollution while providing collection members with a path out of poverty.

In 2022, Plastic Bank removed more than 649,000 kg of plastic waste from the environment to offset plastic used by Alcon for select surgical and vision care products.1 Alcon aims to support the plastic removal of more than 990,000 kg in 2023 – the equivalent of stopping more than 49 million plastic bottles from reaching the ocean.1

1. Alcon data on file, 2023.