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Monday / July 22.
HomemiproductsCylite HP-OCT

Cylite HP-OCT

The Cylite HP-OCT is an Australian-made optical coherence tomographer with an industry-leading scanning speed of over 300,000 scans per second.

It realises this by scanning the eye with 1,008 simultaneous and parallel beamlets in a series of snapshot captures, which effectively neutralises eye motion artefacts for each snapshot, and in doing so, produces true-volume three-dimensional (3D) images of the anterior and posterior segments.

Due to the true-volume 3D nature of the HP-OCT’s anterior scans, it is able to generate highly accurate and repeatable corneal topography maps. And, since these maps are generated by OCT and not reflective placido technology, the images are not reliant on a good tear film for accuracy.

Additionally, the same scan generates an epithelial thickness map, enabling clinicians to monitor the epithelial changes generated by orthokeratology (OK) treatment.

Lastly, the same scan generates an axial length measurement, which can be used to monitor the efficacy of OK myopia management.

Visit: cyliteoptics.com