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Thursday / June 13.
HomeminewsDaniel Cheong Appointed President of SOP

Daniel Cheong Appointed President of SOP

Daniel Cheong has been appointed to the role of President of the Singapore Opticianry Association (SOP) for a three-year term.

A founding member of the association, Mr Cheong has served on board for 18 years.

During his Presidency, Mr Cheong said he is looking forward to tackling challenges that are likely common across jurisdictions.

“I believe the challenges we are currently facing here in Singapore may not be unique to us. Just to name a few, we are operating within an increasingly competitive environment, with rising operating costs and changing consumer expectations,” he told mivision.

opticians need to stay relevant… I hope that through the association, we can help our members achieve that

Elaborating he said, “With the presence of both local, international, and online brands, the industry in Singapore is becoming increasingly competitive. This competition puts pressure on opticians to differentiate themselves and provide unique value propositions to attract and retain customers.”

Acknowledging that running an optical retail business in Singapore can be expensive due to high rental costs, staff wages, and the cost of maintaining and upgrading equipment, he said, “Opticians need to work effectively, efficiently and value add to maximise resources in the establishment they work in.

“And consumers today have higher expectations when it comes to their eyewear and eyecare needs. They seek personalized services, a wide range of product options, highly skilled competent practitioners, and fast turnaround times.

“Opticians need to adapt to these changing expectations and provide a seamless and satisfactory customer experience.”

To survive and thrive in today’s challenging landscape, he said, “opticians need to stay relevant. As the President of SOP, I hope that through the association, we can help our members achieve that”.

As President of SOP Mr Cheong said he envisions the association will offer members:

Advocacy: Ensuring the rights of opticians are met.

Knowledge: A library of related resources ready for members to access.

Education: SOP will work with stakeholders and suppliers to provide workshops and CPE training to ensure a certain level of competencies are met.

Industry Standards: Will be emphasised to maintain competency, professionalism and ensures compliance with regulations.

Collaboration and Networking: SOP will provide a platform for members to work together and keep the community closely connected. This facilitates professional growth and fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the optician community.