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Saturday / May 25.
HomemiproductsBipolar Radiofrequency for DED

Bipolar Radiofrequency for DED

Bipolar Radiofrequency

InMode is a nonsurgical procedure that delivers bipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to delicate subdermal layers of the skin. This innovative device presents optometrists with a new strategy to effectively treat dry eye disease (DED) and could enable them to branch into aesthetics.

RF devices deliver energy that differentially heats tissue by the impedance of the electromagnetic current. The differential heating across the tissue results are consistent with Ohm’s Law (Energy= Current x Impedance x Time).

A pilot study,1 published in The Open Ophthalmology Journal, demonstrated that RF treatment with the Envision Forma-I handpiece (InMode) along with meibomian gland expression, was “an effective means to reduce the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease”. Additionally, data from the study supported “the conclusion that the treatment is safe and effective, lasting at least six months in most patients”.

Visit: inmode.com.au

1. Paul, S., Cohen, A., Parsa, K., et al., (2023). Transcutaneous radiofrequency-mediated meibomian gland expression is an effective treatment for dry eye: A prospective cohort trial. The Open Ophthalmology Journal. 17. 10.2174/18743641-v17-e230328-2022-63.