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Friday / June 14.
HomeminewsMyopia Control Device for Home

Myopia Control Device for Home

An at-home device for myopia control has been approved for sale in Australia.

The Eyerising Myopia Management Device, from Eyerising International, is designed specifically for children aged between three and 16 years old. It was already approved for sale in Europe and New Zealand and recently gained listing in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

The therapy involves children looking into the device for three minutes of treatment, twice a day, five days per week, with a minimum of four hours between sessions. The device is controlled with a touchscreen.

Patient compliance is monitored, and data is shared with practitioners during follow-up examinations.

Eyerising International said the device uses patented technology to deliver repeated low-level red-light therapy, gently stimulating blood flow in the ocular fundus to alleviate sclera hypoxia and control the axial lengthening that causes myopia.