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Thursday / June 20.
HomeminewsTenpoint to Develop Regenerative Medicine

Tenpoint to Develop Regenerative Medicine

Tenpoint Therapeutics has launched with the backing of US$70 million, to be used to develop a regenerative medicine platform focused on developing vision-restoring, engineered, cell-based therapeutics and in vivo reprogramming for degenerative ocular diseases.

The biotechnology company was established on the back of the pioneering work of its scientific founders from Moorfields Eye Hospital, University College London Institute of Ophthalmology, Institut de la Vision in Paris, and the University of Washington. These founders have developed engineered cell-based therapeutics and performed translational research to establish proof-of-concept.

Based on these foundational achievements, Tenpoint is advancing approaches to generate specialised ocular cell types, both ex vivo and in vivo.

“Cell-based therapeutics represent an ideal modality for degenerative ocular diseases since most vision loss results from damaged or missing tissue,” said Chief Executive Officer and regenerative ophthalmology expert Dr Eddy Anglade.

“At Tenpoint, we are focused exclusively on the eye and on harnessing recent advances in regenerative biology to advance our therapies as we work to change the future for people with vision loss by addressing its underlying causes.”

Board Chair, ophthalmology innovator Dr David Guyer said Tenpoint has “great potential to lead ophthalmology into a new era which will fully replace cells lost to degenerative conditions rather than merely endeavouring to slow the processes that drive vision loss”.