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Tuesday / June 18.
HomeminewsSay Hello to SiGHTWiSE Glaucoma Patient Support

Say Hello to SiGHTWiSE Glaucoma Patient Support

Glaucoma Australia’s successful patient support program now has been rebranded SiGHTWiSE.

Glaucoma Australia CEO Richard Wylie said “SiGHTWiSE really is the perfect articulation for our program. We aim to support glaucoma patients throughout their treatment journey by arming them with the knowledge to confidently face a future living with glaucoma. With wisdom comes confidence and confidence is the foundation of success.”

Through one-on-one emotional and practical support, delivered by qualified orthoptist educators and health councellors, the SiGHTWiSE Program helps patients manage the anxiety of receiving a glaucoma diagnosis and supports them with their ongoing challenges.

Shannon Davis who was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was 43 years old said Glaucoma Australia played a “huge role” in helping him “along the road to acceptance”.

“They treated me as a whole person – not just as a patient with glaucoma,” he said.

“Through Glaucoma Australia, I’ve gained a support network, and the information and resources I need to manage my condition long into the future. I can’t put into words how important this support is to me. It’s truly life changing.”

91% of patients in the Program attend their recommended appointments

With an average of 2,700 new patients joining the program each year, Mr Wylie said SiGHTWiSE “helps eye health professionals extend their care beyond the consultation room by assisting glaucoma patients to embark and stay on the optimal treatment course”.

A recent survey into the effectiveness of the program showed that 84% of patients who take part in Glaucoma Australia’s SiGHTWiSE Program adhere to their prescribed treatments, and 91% of patients in the Program attend their recommended appointments1 – both important indicators for management success.

Additionally, the number of patients surveyed who rated their knowledge of glaucoma and how it is treated as above average or excellent increased from 37% to 51% after receiving education and support through the SiGHTWiSE Program. Those who rated their knowledge as below average, or poor fell from 22% to 6%.1

Achieving Long-Term Treatment Success

“Patient education has been shown to improve adherence and better adherence has been linked to a better prognosis in glaucoma. We hope SiGHTWiSE will give our glaucoma community their best chance of achieving long-term glaucoma treatment success,” Mr Wylie said.

The new brand identity, created by the agency HBK, will be rolled-out across all collateral in the coming months.

Annabel Pietsch, HBK Senior Account Manager said, “A testament to the power of HBK and Glaucoma Australia’s dynamic collaboration, the resulting brand identity and collateral strategically reflect the welcoming and inclusive nature of the program, while giving a nod to the person-to-person support that is a cornerstone of its success. The solidity and stability of the wordmark itself reflect both the proven rigour of the program, and the successful outcomes it drives in helping to prevent glaucoma blindness.”

Patients can enrol in Glaucoma Australia’s SiGHTWiSE Program at glaucoma.org.au/sightwise or by calling (AUS) 1800 500 880.

Health Professionals can refer their patients via Oculo or simply visit glaucoma.org.au/refer.


  1. Glaucoma Australia Patient Impact Measurement Survey 2023