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Tuesday / July 16.
HomeminewsNew Option for Pre- and Post-op Dry Eye Management

New Option for Pre- and Post-op Dry Eye Management

Ophthalmologists can now expand their toolkit for managing pre- and post-operative dry eye with the launch of Systane Hydration Preservative-Free lubricant eye drops from Alcon.

Dry eye can affect surgical success and satisfaction.1–3 Pre-operatively, dry eye can impair the ocular surface, which affects toric intraocular lens (IOL) axis and magnitude estimates, IOL calculations, as well as keratometry and topography measurements.1,2 This increases the likelihood of errors in refractive power – a key cause of post-operative patient dissatisfaction – as well as surgical difficulty.1–3

Patients who used Systane Hydration Preservative-Free pre- and post-operatively reported up to two times lower SPEED… scores vs standard of care within the first week

Post-operative Management

Post-operatively, dry eye can impair healing and visual recovery, leading to patient dissatisfaction (dry eye is experienced by 35% of dissatisfied patients).1,3 Up to 96.6% of patients experience dry eye after cataract surgery, as well as up to 50% of patients in the week following LASIK surgery.4,5 Symptoms have also been shown to persist for up to six months in up to 40% of LASIK patients.5 In patients with pre-existing dry eye, cataract surgery can exacerbate symptoms in one in three patients, further affecting post-operative outcomes.6

Peri-operative Management

Peri-operative management of dry eye with Systane Hydration Preservative-Free can limit symptom worsening.6

Systane Hydration uses Systane’s Intelligent Delivery system of HP-Guar and borate, in combination with 0.15% hyaluronic acid (HA),* for long-lasting dry eye relief7-9 and to support faster corneal healing.*6–8 Upon instillation, HP-Guar and borate crosslink to form a viscoelastic meshwork10 like a bandage over the ocular surface, increasing the retention of demulcents.11 Additionally, HP-Guar preferentially binds to damaged areas of the cornea, therefore protecting damaged cells to allow for repair and renewal.11

Patients who used Systane Hydration Preservative-Free pre- and post-operatively reported up to two times lower SPEED (Standardised Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness) scores vs standard of care within the first week, and up to five times lower SPEED scores vs standard of care within eight weeks.6 Systane Hydration also reduces corneal damage and inflammation, with over 90% of patients using Systane Hydration having no corneal damage eight weeks after surgery vs 69% of patients using no peri-operative eye drops.6

Samples Available

Systane Hydration Preservative-Free is designed to address the symptoms of moderate-to-severe dry eye# and can be used for dry eye patients before and after ocular surgery.

Systane Hydration is preservative-free in a PureFlow technology bottle. It has a one-way valve to ensure no contaminated liquid is reintroduced back into the bottle, while a fine silicone membrane lets only filtered air back in.12

Eye care professionals can request samples of Systane Hydration here. Contact Alcon Customer Service on (AUS) 1800 224 153 if you have any queries about Systane and Dry Eye products.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
*Systane Hydration contains sodium hyaluronate, the salt form of hyaluronic acid.
# Recommendation based on expected on-eye viscosity.

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