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Wednesday / July 17.
HomeminewsWorld-first Supplement to Support Eyes with Glaucoma

World-first Supplement to Support Eyes with Glaucoma

Melbourne-based ophthalmologist Dr Brian Ang has developed and launched a premium nutraceutical supplement to support eye health, using 10 ingredients that have previously been evaluated in clinical trials for glaucoma.

Branded Nutravision, the supplement’s ingredients target the 10 key mechanisms and factors that impact on people with, or at risk of, glaucoma. These include vascular dysregulation, axonal impairment, mitochondrial dysfunction, glycolysis defects, macular pigment deficiency and ocular surface dryness.

“This is the first supplement in the world that provides this level of comprehensive neuroprotective support for glaucoma patients,” Dr Ang told mivision. “In fact, this specific combination of ingredients means that the entire vision ecosystem is supported – from the cornea to the macula and retina, to the optic nerve as well as the visual pathways and the brain. There really is nothing quite like this currently.”

TGA Approved

The Nutravision formula has been developed by Dr Ang based on clinical studies conducted globally over the past 30 years and is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in Queensland. It has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia as a listed medicine (supplement) in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

The ten ingredients are bilberry, gingko biloba, grape seed, L-methylfolate, lutein and zeaxanthin, methylcobalamin, nicotinamide, pyruvate and saffron. The clinical benefits of each of these ingredients is detailed in published articles cited on the Nutra vision website.

The optimal therapeutic dose is two capsules every day. For those seeking general eye health and vision support, the maintenance dose is one capsule daily.

He said it can take up to three months to establish changes in a patient’s eye health and vision, “although some have reported improvements within two to four weeks”. He said some patients may find they “use reading glasses less, suffer less tiredness on the eyes, do not need to instil lubricant eye drops so regularly, maintain eye pressures better, and are less bothered by troublesome floaters”.

Dr Brian Ang has developed and launched a premium nutraceutical supplement to support eye health, using 10 ingredients that have previously been evaluated in clinical studies for glaucoma

Inspired by Family

Dr Ang’s strong interest in reducing the risks of glaucoma was inspired by his own family experience with the disease.

“I worked hard on developing the Nutravision formula over the past three years because my father has glaucoma and hence, I too am at risk of getting glaucoma.

“I see how glaucoma affects my father and my patients daily, and I feel this is the best way to provide additional nutritional support for glaucoma patients (and those at risk) to complement their existing treatments. And instead of taking 10 different pills and tablets daily, the key ingredients are all already combined into one capsule – similar to the multivitamins that one might take.”

Dr Ang said the response to the supplement, from his patients “has been beyond our expectations… (they) are loving it.

Additionally, he said there is evidence to suggest strong interest in supplements to reduce the risk of glaucoma within the eye health community.

An article titled Is it Time to Talk? Nutraceutical Supplements and Glaucoma?, which he wrote with his colleague Dr Varun Chandra, was published in mivision in March 2023, and was well received.

Dr Ang practises at Melbourne Eye Specialists, Vision Eye Institute Footscray, and the Eye and Ear Hospital, as well as Geelong Eye Centre. Visit: drbrianang.com.au