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Saturday / April 20.
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ZEISS Vision Care

ZEISS has launched a complete Kids Portfolio of spectacle lenses to meet their changing vision needs as they grow older.

The portfolio comprises:

  • ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses, which are perfectly matched to young people’s digital, active and educational lifestyles, as well as their age-related anatomical requirements, and
  • ZEISS MyoCare lenses, agerelated myopia management lenses, which incorporate cylindrical microstructures to achieve simultaneous competing myopic defocus and a clear zone to optimise central vision.

Children with incorrectly fitted frames and lenses do not benefit from lens design and designated efficacy. To overcome this, ZEISS uses a dynamic near object model to consider viewing distances based on a child’s age. Children’s near object distance for handheld devices, for example, is from 20–30cm, depending on age.

Additionally, as a person’s pupil diameter increases until the age of 20, with significant changes from one to19 years, Luminance Design Technology 2.0 takes the wearer’s age-related pupil size into account in its lens calculations, to achieve the best possible optical performance.

Finally, ZEISS Dynamic AgeFit technology ensures optics are optimised based on ageappropriate standard position of wear parameters for every age between six and 19 years.

ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses are recommended for children and young adults aged six to 19 years; ZEISS MyoCare lenses, are recommended for children younger than 10 years, and ZEISS MyoCare S lenses, are recommended for children 10 years and older.