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Sunday / June 23.
HomemiequipmentBeyond the “Standard” with iCare COMPASS

Beyond the “Standard” with iCare COMPASS

Monitoring and assessing changes in visual field loss in advanced glaucomatous eyes is complex. Reliable visual field testing is extremely important to detect small changes on time and to establish a glaucoma management strategy.

iCare’s iteration of iCare COMPASS Automated Tacked Perimetry overcomes one of the primary hurdles in precise visual field testing of patients with poor fixation, and in the detection and monitoring of visual field loss progression.

Benefits of Active Retinal Tracking

With real-time retinal tracking, iCare COMPASS actively compensates for eye movements based on registered infrared retinal information. Stimuli are repositioned on the desired location of the retina prior to projection, which helps to reduce motion artifacts.

SAP Meets Fundus Imaging Capability

iCare COMPASS’s technology enables the acquisition of iCare’s signature high-definition TrueColor fundus images, providing both structural and functional information simultaneously. This feature is very useful for precise glaucoma assessment and management, enabling practitioners to assess whether visual field defects are due to glaucoma, or other pathologies or comorbidities.

iCare COMPASS’s fundus imaging capabilities are further enhanced with a new optional feature, the SmartMosaic, which enables the acquisition of horizontally montaged TrueColor images up to 100°. This useful clinical tool can reveal important information on the peripheral retina.

Visual Field Testing Gets Smarter And Faster

Additional features of iCare COMPASS include the ZEST Fast strategy, which reduces test time by 30% in glaucoma patients and 40% in healthy eyes compared to the ZEST strategy, without compromising accuracy. ZEST Fast also offers full compatibility with SAP, in standard 24-2, 30-2, and 10-2 visual field testing. Full threshold, ZEST and ZEST Fast strategies use age-matched databases of retinal sensitivity.

Smart Progression Analysis (SPA)

iCare COMPASS’s Smart Progression Analysis (SPA) delivers eye care practitioners a powerful and comprehensive report to analyse visual field changes over time. The report provides valuable insights on progression rates, severity, and predicted future loss, helping practitioners make informed decisions and provide personalised care.

SPA analysis is available for 24-2, 30-2, and 10-2 grids. Other than functional information, it shows optic nerve head images of the two baselines and the last follow-up, to assess possible changes in the excavation of the disc. It also shows the progression rate of mean deviation (MD) in each cluster, and you can choose to display the global progression rate of MD instead of the Fundus Perimetry Deviation Index (=VFI).

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