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Tuesday / May 21.
HomeminewsMyopia Registry Under Development

Myopia Registry Under Development

Sydney ophthalmologist and founder of Myopia Australia, Dr Loren Rose, has been laying the foundations to establish an International Myopia Registry via Save Sight Registries.

Myopia rates worldwide are increasing, as are the modalities available to intervene and slow its progression. Dr Rose said the registry aims to address the current lack of ‘real world’ evidence to guide practitioners on the effect of these modalities, when initiated on their own or as part of a combination treatment.

Established in 2009, the Save Sight Registries is a web-based platform that allows clinicians to record observational data on real world treatment outcomes for seven eye diseases: retinal, corneal, glaucoma, uveitis, tumour, inherited retinal, and childhood blindness.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, at the time of going to print anonymised data from 28 countries had been contributed on almost 35,000 patients and almost 50,000 eyes from 900,000 visits to clinicians.1

Dr Rose said she hoped that adding a Myopia Registry to the mix would provide an invaluable source of information that will “increase our knowledge of myopia management here and internationally, in collaboration with all eye care professionals”.

“The Save Sight Registries aim to help document the progression and treatments used in Australia and overseas. The data collected via the Myopia Registry will include children and adults treated within different eye care models. Adult myopia complications will also be documented to provide real-world data on the long-term results of the myopia epidemic,” Dr Rose told mivision.

Dr Rose hopes industry and eye care professionals from Australia and around the world will support the initiative. She said Australian optometrists and ophthalmologists are already collaborating to establish the criteria for data collection. The input from international eye care professionals will soon be invited.


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