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Monday / April 15.
HomemiproductsRodenstock LayR Technology

Rodenstock LayR Technology

As the next step in its philosophy ‘B.I.G. Vision for all’, Rodenstock has introduced LayR technology to enhance the performance of its Biometric Intelligent Glasses. This new technology tackles common challenges faced by spectacle wearers: reflections, scratches, and cleanability. It also protects against ultraviolet light and, optionally, potentially damaging high energy visible blue light, promising not just clear vision but a host of added benefits.

X-Tra Clean for Everyday Comfort

A high-quality finish that will repel oil, water and dirt is important for lenses with excellent anti-reflection properties because dirt is even more visible when there are minimal reflections, and considered very annoying by the spectacle wearer. In the past, this layer has been made up of inflexible molecular chains, which reduced the smoothness, allowing dirt and oil to build up. Rodenstock X-Tra Clean is made up of flexible molecular chains, producing an exceptionally smooth surface to stop the build-up of dirt, and allow superb cleanability.

Anti-reflection for Sharper Focus

Reflections from the lens surface can reduce vision clarity. Acknowledging that the eye is most sensitive to the green part of the spectrum during daylight hours, LayR technology moves the colour of the residual reflection to blue. This reduces luminous reflectance of the lens by 50% compared with the previous generation of coating, to guarantee clearer vision and the highest aesthetics.

UV Protection

UV absorbing molecules incorporated directly in the polymeric base material of the lens protect from UV transmission to 400nm. The resulting yellow tinge is countered by a cosmetic dye, improving visual clarity and natural colour perception.

Improved Durability

Lenses are subject to two types of scratches: superficial surface scratches and deep gouges from impact on the lens surface. LayR has a new technical cross-index platform with top-level scratch resistance, improved impact resistance, and resilience to weathering.

The addition of a primer base under the organic hard coat reduces deep scratches. The ductile properties of this primer coat allow for an initial force of impact to be absorbed and to disperse. Titanium oxide is included in the hard coat and reduces superficial scratching.

UV radiation and moisture can shorten the lifetime of a lens. The damage caused by UV radiation can lead to the photocatalytic degradation of TiO2 molecules used in the hard coating. To prevent this, LayR technology incorporates protective innovations that prolong the life of the coating.

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