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Monday / April 15.
HomemiophthalproductsOptimed PTS 2000

Optimed PTS 2000

The PTS 2000 by Optopol has one of the world’s largest fieldtesting ranges and options, including all the Goldman stimuli sizes and stimuli colours used in perimetry. Placing modern and intuitive software at your fingertips, Optopol’s top-of-the-line projection perimeter makes perimetry simpler than ever before with everything from a quick screening test, to manually controlled kinetic perimetry.

Reliable test results are monitored with a plethora of features including: live eye tracking, head tracking, blink detection, fast threshold, defect progression analysis, and voice guidance. All can be tailored to suit your patient.

With the PTS 2000 you can retest points on the fly and even extend testing points after initial exams have been conducted. New plaquenil testing and fundus orientated perimetry are the latest additions to the software, which gets updated for free for the life of your machine. Scan the code for the product video.

Contact: Optimed (AUS) 1300 657 720