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Monday / April 15.
HomemifashionSpectacle Lenses for Professionals

Spectacle Lenses for Professionals

Australis I-Tech

The Australis i-Tech lens range provides an ideal solution for office and multi-screen environments, offering personalised lenses that ensure superb sharpness and precision in every gaze direction.

Hyper thin technology optimises vision while minimising lens thickness and weight for an appealing aesthetic and all-day wearer comfort; Optigaze enables natural vision; Digital Enhancement enables a seamless transition between near and far vision; and Eyeharmony improves lateral image fusion, providing sharper peripheral vision for an all-encompassing visual experience.

Contact: CR Surfacing Laboratories (AUS) 1800 334 867


Opticare has a wide range of computer lenses and lens coating options that help protect against digital stress and eye strain while improving visual performance.

Blue Guardian lenses protect the eye and provide more comfortable vision by blocking high-energy blue light from entering the eye, including all harmful UVA and UVB energies.

Skye multicoat increases light transmission by at least 7%, giving the wearer crisper and clearer vision. This is achieved by reducing front, internal, and back surface reflections, which allows almost all available light to pass through the lens and enter the eye.

Contact: Opticare (AUS) 1800 251 852

B.I.G. Exact by Rodenstock

B.I.G. Exact is the first high-precision lens made from an exact biometric eye model, based on individual measurements with the DNEye Scanner.

The DNEye Scanner measures over 7,000 data points and more than 80 eye parameters. Combined with standard prescription values, the result is the sharpest vision possible at any angle and in every direction of gaze, both in the lenses’ peripheral zones and at distances from mid, near, and far. The benefits include quick adaptation due to sharper vision and increased visual comfort, as well as improved contrast. Improved contrast leads to better vision in low light levels, especially for driving at dusk.

Visit: rodenstock.com


Shamir’s occupational lenses provide focus flexibility for a range of visual needs in the workplace, allowing patients to achieve optimum vision regardless of the task at hand.

Specifically designed for office environments, Shamir Vocational Digital, Shamir Computer, Shamir Workspace, and Shamir Smart Office provide crystal-clear solutions for near, intermediate, distance, and everything in between. Add a Shamir Blue Zero coating to filter blue-violet light and provide 100% protection against UV400.

Visit: shamir.com/au

Unity Via Office

Unity Via Office is a tailored, indoor lens solution designed to significantly enhance visual acuity in the near-to-intermediate visual zones. Easy to select, fit, and dispense, you can choose from a streamlined portfolio of three designs optimised for the most common workplace viewing distances (1 m, 1.5 m, and 3 m), making it easy to meet every patient’s needs.

Fast adaptation offers your patients immediate benefits, including reduced visual strain and fatigue, improved clarity on screens, easy intermediate-near zone shift, and improved ergonomic comfort.

Contact: VSP Optics (AUS) 1800 251 025 or (NZ) 0800 141 444

The ZEISS Office lens portfolio provides a solution for almost all near and intermediate tasks. The lens design of this portfolio is optimised for a dynamic, multitasking digital lifestyle, ensuring a more natural body posture and relief from digital eye strain.

The ZEISS Office Superb design is available with three maximum intermediate distances: the Book design provides clear vision from reading distance to 100 cm, the Near design increases to 200 cm, and the Room to 400 cm. With the ZEISS Office Individual, you can customise the lens to the wearer’s needs at any distance between 100 cm and 400 cm.

Contact: ZEISS Account Manager

Nikon’s new E-Life Pro Series is a portfolio of highly effective vision solutions for presbyopes. The E-Life Pro Home and Office are synonymous with simple and effortless dispensing. They allow wearers to own their workspace like an expert by maximising vision and comfort for activities within a dedicated distance. The E-Life Pro Read allows wearers to focus on details by expanding immediate vision and bringing finer focus. This enables multitasking while maintaining a natural posture.

Contact: Nikon Account Manager