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Tuesday / May 21.
HomemiophthalproductsM700 Automated Perimeter

M700 Automated Perimeter

Medmont’s M700 Automated Perimeter offers practitioners an effective tool for assessing visual fields. It uses standard static perimetry to perform rapid and reliable screening, and threshold tests to assess visual field loss associated with various conditions. The M700 uses a radial pattern that provides a high density of test points in central regions. This is designed to be comparable but more sensitive to glaucoma than standard 24-2 and 30-2 tests.

Recognised as a value leader in the area of perimetry, the M700 is used globally and provides one of the lowest lifecycle costs to practitioners. The national driver medical standards, Assessing Fitness to Drive, accepts Medmont’s M700 binocular visual field test results as supporting documentation.

Contact: Medmont (AUS) 03 9259 0800