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Tuesday / May 21.


Cationorm (cationic nanoemulsion) is a preservative-free, hydrating, and lubricating emulsion eye drop that protects the eye surface, relieving the discomfort and irritation of persistent dry eye caused by prolonged use of contact lenses, or environmental conditions.1

Its triple action repairs the lipid layer to reduce evaporation by lubricating and stabilising the tear film and restores the moisture balance in the muco-aqueous layer of the tear film. It also forms a barrier to lock in moisture, giving dry eyes the time they need to heal.2,3,4,5

Administered as one drop, up to four-times daily in the affected eye, Cationorm is suitable for use with contact lenses,6  and gentle enough to use every day.7 Visit: cationorm.com.au.

Contact: CSL Seqirus (AUS) 1800 642 865  

PBS information: Cationorm Multi Dose (10 mL). Authority Required (streamlined) 6172.

Refer to PBS Schedule for full authority information. Cationorm (30 x 0.4 mL) is not listed on the PBS. Contact CSL Seqirus Medical Information on (AUS) 1800 642 865 for more information. Seqirus (Australia) Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia. Date of preparation: February 2024. AU-Cati-24-0007.


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