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Tuesday / June 25.
HomemiproductsEver Clean Plus

Ever Clean Plus

Ever Clean Plus is a hydrogen peroxide system suitable for all rigid gas permeable, scleral and soft contact lenses. The bi-layer tablet contains biotechnological agents to eliminate proteins, lipids, and other deposits from the contact lens surface. In just two hours, contact lenses are disinfected, cleaned, and moisturised with the wetting agent povidone without the need to rub and rinse. The solution is neutralised and turns green due to the natural colour indicators.

In a clinical study, both hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses showed a lower lipid concentration after using Ever Clean Plus compared with a peroxide system control.1

In the case of silicone hydrogel lenses, the difference was statistically significant (*p<0.05), demonstrating its great efficiency in cleaning.1

According to Avizor, the manufacturer, a further study, conducted by Biolab Laboratory in Madrid, Spain, found that when disinfecting against bacteria and fungi, Ever Clean Plus exceeded the ISO norm. Avizor said another study carried out in United Kingdom by Leicester University demonstrated that Ever Clean Plus was efficient when disinfecting against Acanthamoeba.

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