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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsOpticare Meets Market with New Lens Range and Resources

Opticare Meets Market with New Lens Range and Resources

Opticare, the independent Australian lens manufacturer, has unveiled a comprehensive new range of spectacle lenses along with innovative resources to help optometrists select and dispense the most appropriate lenses for their patients.

In an interview, Joanne Scott-Dostine, Opticare’s Commercial Manager, explained the rationale behind the new lens lineup. “We’ve traditionally been known for the lower to mid-priced market, but George (Nasser, Opticare’s founder) has always dreamed of offering amazing, wide and clear progressive lenses that reduce aberrations and distortion.”

By partnering with a German software lens design company, Opticare has developed new calculation software to produce lenses with “probably the lowest level of peripheral distortion on the market,” according to Ms Scott-Dostine. “The feedback from trials with customers has been amazing.”

We want to make it easier for independents by providing hacks and resources they don’t have time to develop

Three Lens Categories

The new range spans three distinct categories: Optilux (premium), Essentials (value/everyday), and Start (entry-level), covering everything from single vision to progressive and specialised designs like a pilot’s lens with near zones at top and bottom.

Simplifying Lens Selection

To simplify lens selection, Opticare has created an innovative two-page summary sheet rating each lens on criteria like near, intermediate and distance vision suitability.

“If a patient needs good distance vision, you’d choose a lens with a high distance score,” explained Ms Scott-Dostine. She said the sheet also provides corridor lengths, recommended fitting parameters, and dispensing tips.

Opticare will supply customised ‘lens maps’ for practices to use when presenting options to patients.

“Rather than a standard lens map, we’ll create one with their three go-to lenses and relevant information,” said Ms Scott-Dostine. “We want to make it easier for independents by providing hacks and resources they don’t have time to develop.”

The company is even rewriting patient brochures using simplified language. “Patients often don’t understand technical jargon,” she said. “The brochures will explain the benefits they’ll experience with the new lenses.”

As it celebrates its 40th anniversary, Opticare seems poised to upend lens marketing conventions by focussing on the needs of independent optometrists and their patients.