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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsSpeckles Unveils Disney-Themed Eye Patches for Kids

Speckles Unveils Disney-Themed Eye Patches for Kids

Just in time for Orthoptic Awareness Week, children’s vision care brand Speckles has launched an exciting new range of eye patches featuring beloved Disney Princess and Marvel characters. 

The vibrant, character-themed patches aim to make amblyopia (‘lazy eye’) treatment more engaging for young patients. Approximately 3% of children are affected by this common vision condition, where one eye has reduced vision due to the brain favouring the stronger eye. 

By patching the stronger eye, the weaker or ‘curious eye’ is prompted to develop better vision and binocular teamwork over time. 

“Our mission is to remove any fear or stigma associated with wearing eye patches and empower all curious eyes on their vision journey,” said Madeleine Scavone, founder of Speckles. “With Disney’s help, we’re turning patch time into an adventure.” 

The new eye patches feature popular Disney Princesses like Ariel and Rapunzel, as well as Marvel favourites like Spider-Man. They are available now at Chemist Warehouse stores and online. 

Raising Awareness for Children’s Vision  

The launch coincides with Orthoptic Awareness Week starting 3 June, which aims to educate parents on the importance of routine children’s vision screening before age eight. 

As well as designing fun, durable vision products tailored for kids, Speckles provides resources to empower parents in supporting their child’s vision needs. The brand also partners with Sightsavers to provide vision services globally.