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Tuesday / June 25.


Viscotears Eye Gel provides soothing relief for sore, gritty, dry eyes. Its  long-lasting gel formulation is suited for those who need extra protection,  added nighttime support, or prefer a heavier gel. Viscotears Eye Gel,  available in a 10g tube,* maintains the tear film stability for up to six hours.

Viscotears Gel PF (preservative free) is an ophthalmic solution that has a  moistening and wetting effect on the eyes. It improves the moistening  of the ocular surface in the presence of dry eye sensation, burning, or  tiredness of the eyes. Available in 30x 0.6g single-dose units.*

Contact: Bausch & Lomb (AUS) 1800 251 150  

*Listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.