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Sunday / June 23.
HomeminewsHealthy Sight Global Initiative

Healthy Sight Global Initiative

Transitions Optical, Inc. has unveiled a new resource for eye care professionals called the Healthy Sight Institute.

“This is an educational and learning resource for health and vision care professionals worldwide. Supported by Transitions Optical, the Healthy Sight Institute is guided by a Global Steering Committee of more than 25 health and eye care professionals and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of healthy sight for all people,” said a Transitions spokesman.

In its first phase, the Healthy Sight Institute will serve as a dynamic knowledge centre for professionals in the form of an online resource centre, making available a comprehensive range of preventive eye health and vision care information and resources.

The site will be a rich source of clinical updates and publications, professional education courses and public education tools. Drawing on the expertise of its geographically diverse and multidisciplinary Steering Committee, the Healthy Sight Institute Web site will also provide a forum for education and collaboration among health and vision care professionals, optical industry leaders, policy makers, and the public for a wider understanding of proactive and preventive eye care choices.

The Healthy Sight aims to provide tools and an environment to facilitate vision and health care professionals’ opportunity to increase their patients’ overall quality of life through achieving and enjoying healthy sight. The Healthy Sight Institute web address is www.healthysightinstitute.org.