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Saturday / April 13.
HomemioptometryLuxottica OPSM Flagship Store

Luxottica OPSM Flagship Store

The concept behind of the flagship OPSM store, unveiled in George Street Sydney late last year, incorporates luxury, functionality, a unique customer service and an espresso, in the one retail outlet. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

In a bid to reinforce the fashion focus of the brand, and simultaneously achieving a greater understanding of their existing clientele and providing a mutually beneficial relationship, OPSM’s new boutique store aims to deliver new retail concepts to today’s market.

According to Rob McKay, Luxottica’s Group General Manager of Marketing, part of the reason behind the new George Street store’s concept, was to challenge the company’s capacity to deliver a more superior line of service to their consumer.

“Our research shows that the consumer, who is geared towards the browsing experience, is becoming more comfortoriented. For the customer who is searching for eyewear that is functional or for fashion, we have the solution,” explains McKay.

For those short of time, OPSM has introduced a store concierge to cater time-poor customers.

In the store, men’s and women’s eyewear is distinctly mirrored against each other on either side of the store, with individual showcases subdivided into brand groups.

High value, core luxury brands, including Chanel, Prada, Bulgari, and Versace are featured at the door, merging into a myriad of brands featured around the store’s perimeter.

For those short of time, OPSM has introduced a store concierge to cater for time-poor customers. Requirements for this service include among other things, an appointment and contact lens ordering.

The contact lens express service is tucked into the rear corner of the store while the optometry waiting area also remains out of view from the rest of the store.

High stock levels ensure customers are able to place and pick up orders more efficiently, while those browsing, trying on frames, seated at the sunglass bar, or waiting for appointments, are indulged with an in-store barista offering a complimentary tea and coffee service.

The OPSM flagship store certainly provides an interesting and different retail experience to the norm.