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Sunday / July 14.
Homeminewsmivision and ODMA work together to improve education

mivision and ODMA work together to improve education

With the spate of recent changes in the optical industry and the de-regulation of optical dispensing in most states, the ODMA board has recognised ongoing training as a crucial element for industry growth.

ODMA’s new Optical Retail Guide (ORG) will act as a quick reference tool for independent eye-care practitioners and their staff, providing ideas and information pertaining to the areas of marketing, research, education, training, member profiles and contact details, with each quarter issuing further updates and articles.

This month’s first edition will contain articles on:

  • Thriving in Times of Change (from strategic foresight analyst, Steve Tighe) and associated presentation on DVD
  • Research on the Changing Australian Eyewear Market (the first of a series) • Basic Lens Dispensing (first two parts of a series)
  • How to do Spectacle Repairs
  • Frame Face Fit and Selling Sunglasses

The ODMA board also put in place an agreement with Toma Publishing, the publishers of mivision magazine, for mivision to publish articles regularly from the ODMA Optical Retail Guide (ORG) in 2009.

These educational articles will appear as a series in each issue of mivision Australia and New Zealand edition as well as the mivision Singapore edition throughout the year.

The first article from the ODMA Optical Retail Guide to appear in mivision has been written by David Wilson, the Head Teacher Clinical Technology Open Training and Education Network (OTEN), TAFE New South Wales, on ‘How To Do Spectacle Repairs’, and appears in this (February) issue of mivision magazine.

Independent practitioners, who would like to receive a copy of the ODMA Optical Retail Guide, should contact Finola Carey on E: [email protected].