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Wednesday / June 29.
HomeminewsUrgent Need For Basic Eyecare

Urgent Need For Basic Eyecare

Professor Brien Holden, CEO of the Institute for Eye Research, has called for the urgent need to reassess health care provision and ensure greater equity in access to basic health care services.

During a recent lecture on healthcare values and ethics for the Delta Gamma Foundation at the University of Houston, the Australian eye care expert pointed out that the reforms in the U.S. healthcare system under the new Obama Presidency, there was now a unique opportunity to provide more opportunity for basic healthcare.

Professor Holden has made history by becoming the first non-American speaker in the lecture series – established in 1992 by the Delta Gamma Foundation. He joins a list of previous speakers that includes former President Gerald Ford, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, billionaire Steve Forbes, poet Maya Angelou and reporter Carl Bernstein.

“An estimated 670 million people are unnecessarily blind or vision impaired because of uncorrected refractive error. With an eye examination and the right pair of glasses we can restore sight to these people”, he said.

Professor Holden called on wealthy nations to provide the USD$4 billion needed over five years to reverse this tragedy, not only appealing to our sense of humanity but also highlighting the economic sense – not acting would cost USD$269 billion.



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