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Sunday / July 14.
HomemiproductsEssilor’s Interview Near Vision Lenses

Essilor’s Interview Near Vision Lenses

Essilor Interview is the most appropriate multi-purpose lens for presbyopes, whatever their near vision activities.

A single vision near lens only offers restricted clear vision up to 60 cm, where Essilor Interview provides clear vision up to two metres, allowing superior interaction with surroundings.

Young presbyopes and wearers of reading glasses need a simple solution: Essilor Interview provides visual freedom and a natural posture.

The Essilor Interview range is now available in two shifts, 0.8 and 1.3 and in three materials, 1.5, Airwear and 1.6. Essilor’s Crizal A2 anti-reflection coating is available on all options. For near vision, the solution is Essilor Interview.

For further information please contact Essilor on: (AUS) 1800 801 399 or: www.essilor.com.au