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Monday / July 15.
HomemiproductsOpti-Free Contacts Rewetting Drops

Opti-Free Contacts Rewetting Drops

Opti-Free Contacts Rewetting Drops moisturises and refreshes lenses. It also helps to prevent protein build up on the lens. It lasts for six months once opened and can be used on soft (hydrophilic) lenses, including silicon hydrogel and gas permeable contact lenses.

Opti-Free Contacts Rewetting Drops helps prolong comfort throughout the day, with 79 per cent of patients reporting they “could wear their lenses longer”1. It also cleans the lens, with over 90 per cent of soft lenses clinically clean after Opti-Free Contacts Rewetting Drops was used during wear2.

For further information contact lcon Customer Service on: (AUS) 1800 025 032.


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