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Saturday / June 22.
HomeminewsUltimate Protection

Ultimate Protection

Carl Zeiss Vision has announced an extension of its range of progressive lenses to include Polarised 1.50 and Polarised 1.60.

According to the company, GT2 3D – a new generation of Zeiss Progressive Lenses ensures a natural 3-D experience and a new dimension of spatial perception for patients.

Mr. Tony Gray, Carl Zeiss Vision General Manager Australia and New Zealand says:

“GT2 3D Progressive Lenses are perfect for all demanding progressive lens wearers as GT2 3D provides wide binocular zones and natural spatial perception, delivering the highest levels of true 3-D vision quality.”

Zeiss says its GT2 3D Polarised is the ultimate protection solution for extreme light conditions. As a polarised lens, GT2 3D Polarised provides absolute glare and reflection reduction, so the wearer can enjoy amazing visibility and clarity.

Polarisation has rapidly become one of the most desirable features for Rx sun lenses. A true high performance product, polarised lenses eliminate glare, enhance colours and accentuate contrast, depth perception and visual acuity.