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Monday / July 15.
HomemiproductsMPOD – Monitoring Macula

MPOD – Monitoring Macula

Recent and current research into macular degeneration suggests that a lack of macular pigment is implicated in the development of macular degeneration.

For the frst time, optometrists now have the ability to screen patients for defciency in macula pigment as well as supply patients with a solution that is exclusive to eye care practitioners. The Macular Pigment Optical Densitrometer, or MPOD as it has come to be known, uses heterochromic ficker photometry to assess the risk of macular degeneration by directly measuring macula pigment density in a simple and painless test.

Patients at risk can then be supplied with Viteyes supplements which are based on recommendations from the AREDS study. Viteyes supplements are exclusively available from optometrists and ophthalmologists and improvement in macular pigment density can then be monitored using the MPOD.

The MPOD and Viteyes supplements are available from Optical Manufacturers (OMF).

For further information, contact OMF toll-free on: (AUS) 1800 226 890 or: www.omf.com.au