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Thursday / February 22.
HomemiproductsThe Hoyalux ID Family

The Hoyalux ID Family

Hoya is a world leader in progressive lens design and manufacturing and for the frst time there is a family of lenses that offers your patients the optimum lens choice for their individual lifestyles. This is the iD family range of lenses, all based on Hoya’s unique ‘Integrated Double Surface Design’ technology.

“Hoyalux iD MyStyle brings the highest level of personalisation and precision within reach in the feld of progressive lenses,” Mr. Gerry Bottero, President and Global CEO Hoya Vision Care. The Hoyalux iD MyStyle is the only progressive lens that takes into account your patient’s lifestyle, frame choice, ftting and previous lens use, by utilising Hoya’s exclusive iDentifer software. This entirely interactive consultation and selection program will satisfy any patient’s needs.

Hoyalux iD Classic provides a customised lens for your patient, based on the patient’s prescription, frame choice and ftting. Hoyalux iD Classic provides clear natural vision over the surface of the lens and offers easy eye adaptation.

Hoyalux iD LifeStyle offers the next generation of optimised lens designs. The design incorporates a fxed front curve that follows the natural rotation of the eye giving a gradual progression and smooth interaction between distance and near vision.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle is the most advanced occupational lens available today. As a second pair of lenses, it offers patients the widest near and most comfortable intermediate vision on the market.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with extensive knowledge and experience, Hoya offers customers the perfect solution for any type of correction or fashion trend, meeting any patient’s budgets and needs, through truly personalised, customised and optimised lenses.

For more information contact Hoya on: (AUS) 02 9698 1577 or: www.hoyalens.com.au