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Saturday / May 25.
HomemiproductsEuropean Eyewear Monomouse

European Eyewear Monomouse

Electronic magnification enables patients to do what they are unable do with optical magnification – experience high magnification, binocularly, with a wide field.

For example, the Bierley MonoMouse used in conjunction with a 20 inch TV screen, enables the patient to experience 24x magnification over 16 characters of N8 (newsprint).

The computer version of MonoMouse also greatly adds to its appeal, as all age groups are now regular computer users. For the patient, MonoMouse could not be simpler to use.

The mouse’ design has been fitted a video camera and illumination. MonoMouse uses recent advances in complimentary metal oxide semiconductors technology to produce a device with low power consumption and excellent image quality.

MonoMouse is the ideal introduction of electronic magnification into optometric practices. It offers high quality magnification plus a wide field at low cost to the patient.

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