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Tuesday / June 18.
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The Last Word: Decide Today

In today’s fast paced world, it often seems simpler to put off decisions until tomorrow, next week, next year… But often those un-made decisions hang over us like the proverbial dark cloud, weighing us down with lists of other decisions we are yet to make.

Why then do we put off making those decisions? Is it procrastination, indecision, fear of making the wrong decision? Who knows? Probably all of the former, but it sure can hold us back from getting on with both our business and personal life.

Have you got around to ordering that new product you thought you’d like to try? Would your stock look more attractive in a different layout? Should you send SMS reminder to your patients? When should you start that special offer? Would you like a cappuccino or a latte? We are bombarded with hundreds of questions every day – many of which we put off answering with responses such as “I’ll think about it”; “I need to discuss it with my practice partner/husband/wife” or “I’ll get back to you”.

Saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ today not only enables us to tick that decision off our ‘To Do’ list, but it also gives us a sense of achievement. Once the decision is made, often it will start paying dividends immediately.

Saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ today not only enables us to tick that decision off our ‘To Do’ list, but it also gives us a sense of achievement

It’s easy to procrastinate, but what do we achieve? While we’re thinking about whether to book tickets to ‘that new show’, others are making the decision and are reserving the best seats, leaving you a spot right at the back with an obstructed view.

It is funny how time goes faster as you get older. How is it 2010 already? 2009 disappeared in a blink of the eye. Suddenly the kids aren’t kids anymore, they are young adults. Somehow you aren’t a new graduate anymore and you’ve been in business for five, 10, 20 years. Every delayed decision just wastes more of our precious hours, days and weeks. Some unmade decisions go back years – “I must get my vision tested again. It’s been years” and “I keep meaning to ask my doctor about that mole on my back.”

Join us this year in making a commitment to stop procrastinating and to make a simple decision when a question arises. Take the time to consider the options – perhaps mull it over overnight but then wake up and tell yourself that you are going to make the decision today.

If we all said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ everyday to just one more of life’s myriad of decisions we would not only reduce our own stress levels but we could probably improve the whole productivity of Australia by a couple of points.

What do you think? Will you say ‘yes’ to saying yes today?