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Wednesday / June 19.
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Optica Contemporary Readers

New Zealand eyewear company Optica has introduced a new line of stylish and accessible non-prescription eyewear, Contemporary Readers.

The eyewear is targeted to the 50 per cent of Australian and New Zealand customers who do not have prescription lenses, but require some form of eyewear to comfortably conduct their day-to-day activities.

There are four types of Contemporary Readers (Classic, Style, Changeable and Sun) catering for the affordable yet stylish non-prescription readers niche.

Optica has been designing and sourcing eyewear and accessories for over 50 years. The company is regarded as a leader in the optical industry, distributing a number of leading brands to markets all over Australia, Europe and Asia. Optica also provides an easy to use online ordering system for the convenience of its customers.

For more information on the full product range go to: www.optica.co.nz