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Monday / May 20.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 46, May 2010

mivision Issue 46, May 2010

Welcome to the May edition of mivision.

May already! Another year almost at the halfway point…where on earth has the time gone?

We’re back from the success of Queensland Vision with a little more vitamin D in our system and a lot more surety about the direction of eye care in Australia. You can read our overview of QV10 in ‘News’, then jump online to see the pics of yourself or colleagues from the Congress at mivisionclean2.flywheelsites.com.

In this edition we report on the rapid and exciting development of what could easily be classed the invention of the century…the bionic eye.

Two Australian groups are vying for the prestige of developing Australia’s first bionic eye…one with tens of millions in Government funding and the other “on the smell of an oily rag”. Both groups are developing different versions of the bionic eye, but overseas researchers, according to all reports, seem far more advanced.

We also provide a comprehensive report on the first official Brien Holden Lecture Series held in March at the University of New South Wales. This followed the official launch of the newly renamed Brien Holden Vision Institute. The lecture series, which is set to become an annual event, looked at the future of eye care, the latest discoveries in vision research and the required pathway to eliminate avoidable blindness and vision impairment.

In his extremely popular column, optometrist, international cricketer and coach Geoff Lawson, recalls his recent stint in India. Aside from the IPL he was highly impressed with how many optical practices are popping up around the country and how eye health awareness is being promoted. It’s a most entertaining and informative story.

In the world of eyewear fashion, our staff writer Laura Binnie has written two excellent pieces. In one, “Made in Europe”, she takes a look at the rich history of European eyewear and how this has led to the latest styles. In her design tale she speaks with the Brotherhood (of St Laurence) to find out how they combine helping the disadvantaged with the unlikely business of fashion eyewear.

You’ll see this issue that as the world of optics continues to grow, so has the advertising, classifieds and editorial content of mivision. To fit more in, we’ve moved the Directories online (go to mivisionclean2.flywheelsites.com/directory) and, after two years of badgering our printers, have finally convinced them to squeeze another four pages under the staple (92 pages is as far as we can go before we have to make the mag perfect-bound).

With all the latest news in the world of eye care and eyewear there is even so much more in this issue of mivision.


Mark Cushway

Contents May 2010 mivision

News:mivision presents all the news both locally and from around the world.

mistory: Quantum Leap for the Bionic Eye: the race is on for research around the world into the bionic eye.

mifeature: Mission 2010: The role of research in blindnes prevention programmes.

mifeature: Thibaut Mongon the Johnson and Johnson Regional President speaks to mivision about the growth of contact lens wear.

mifeature: Macular Degeneration Requires Vigilance: Norm Lipson writes on the leading cause of blindess in Australia affecting central vision.

micolumn: As I see it: Geoff Lawson on India’s Eye Health Challenge.

mioptometry: Optometry Association Reports: Happenings and events from the Optometry divisions in Australia and NZ.

mioptometry event: Brien Holden Vision Institute, the first lecture series held on Friday 26 March at the University of New South Wales.

mieyecare: Daily Silicone Hydrogels The Generation Y of Eye Care, Howard Griffiths writes on the Silicone Hydrogels.

miequipment: Optical Coherence Tomography: Jim Kokkinakis tells us why this is a clinical necessity.

mibusiness: From Competitive to Compelling: John Lees with the latest on keeping up with the latest market strategies.

miproducts: all the latest on new products with mivision

mifashion news: The lastest on fashion news with Laura Binnie.

mifashion: The Brotherhood of Eyewear: Laura Binnie writes on Modstyle Eyewear and how it is run by The Brotherhood of St. Laurence.

mifashion: Born in Europe: Europeans have spent 700 years fine tuning the quality of their eyewear…

The Last Word: What Lies Beneath. mivision discusses what you can find when you look a little deeper