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Tuesday / June 18.
HomeminewsRetinal Disease iPhone App

Retinal Disease iPhone App

The Interactive Digital Atlas of Retinal Disease is a textbook that contains more than 2,500 high resolution digital retinal images which are taken from the most recent digital retinal photography cameras. These images are now available as an iPad or iPhone application (app).

Dr. Salmaan Qureshi, who created the Retinal Disease app said: “With the iPad platform we were able to create an application and disseminate this much specialised information to the world, to those eye health professionals who will never be able to set foot in institutions that teach it. Those professionals using the iPad and iPhone app can diagnose these very rare diseases, using the latest peer reviewed medical evidence straight from the NIH via Medline.

“The beauty of the app and the platform is that it encourages medical professionals to consult the peer reviewed evidence for the best treatment rather than to rely on their own limited and sometimes flawed, personal experience. This is a revolution in the practice of medicine in developing (and many developed) countries,” he said.

The cases are arranged alphabetically by diagnosis, with images in each case ordered sequentially from colour, red free to angiograms and OCT. The images can be enlarged to allow detailed examination of microscopic pathologies and can be manipulated with your fingertips.