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Sunday / June 23.
HomeminewsBolle Wildcard Promotion

Bolle Wildcard Promotion

Bollé has launched its most innovative Australian campaign to date, the Bollé Wildcard promotion.

Bollé Wildcard aims to redefine experiential marketing and make the brand name synonymous with the best summer the company’s target consumers ever have.

In short, Bollé will reward awesome sporting performances with sponsorships, cash prizes and sun glasses from the Bollé Retro range.


this competition is about spreading the word and getting a younger consumer excited about Bollé

They’re not talking about sponsoring the local badminton club either. Bollé is after seriously impressive guys and girls who can blow minds on a wakeboard, mountain bike, kiteboard, windsurfer, bmx … if it’s cool, it’s in.

Fiona Marty, National Marketing Manager for Bolle said “this competition is about spreading the word and getting the next generation of Bollé wearers excited about the brand. So we are getting out amongst them, using a high level of social media and we’ll be leaving the voting up to thousands of facebook members.”

“We’ll be filming the best un-signed sporting talent at events and festivals all over Australia, which we’ll put online to open up the voting. Plus, guys and girls from all over Australia will be posting their own pics and videos for their chance to win one of five monthly Wildcard ‘sponsorships'”

Anyone can be a competitor. All they have to do is upload their own extreme video to the Bolle Wildcard Facebook page, where they are voted for or ‘Liked’ by the audience. The video with the most likes at the end of each month will win.

‘What this does is it creates genuine motivation for our target demographic to engage with the Bollé brand – they’ll be telling their friends to vote, posting links to their awesome videos and trying to get as many mates as possible to ‘like’ them. Which means thousands of eyes on the new Bollé Retro range,” said Fiona.

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