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Tuesday / July 16.
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Eyres Modular

Eyres modular models have been inspired by active lifestyles and comply with AS/NZS1337.1:2010 (Eye and Face Protectors for Occupational Applications) and/or AS/NZS1337.6 (Prescription Eye Protectors for Industrial Applications).

The modular system is based on the notion of owning a single pair of spectacles with a set of related components that enable the wearer to adjust their specs according to their changing needs.

Lenses can be switched from Rx to Plano, tints can be changed to suit various lighting conditions, a performance Rx insert can be locked into place and a protective lens shield applied. In addition, patients can convert their specs into goggles by adding a strap and ventilated face foam.

The entire package is contained in a protective hard case for easy access. Key modular accessories are available a la carte, or in a value-added accessory bundle.

Contact details: Eyres Optical on (AUS) 1300 663 209.