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Saturday / July 20.
HomeminewsWorld’s Largest Social Media Optical Community

World’s Largest Social Media Optical Community

mivision has reached another important milestone. mivision’s Facebook page (facebook.com/mivision) now has over 13,000 members.

Why is this important? There are now 600 million people around the world who use Facebook and over 10 million of these come from Australia. The majority of people on Facebook log in daily and the average users are connected to 80 pages, groups or events. Internet users spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google. Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook has become a premium communication medium.

Eye care professionals from all over the world are using social media sites like Facebook and are flocking to mivision’s Facebook page in their droves. When they visit the mivision Facebook page, they click through to articles on the mivision website, which in turn increases the traffic to mivision’s website, where our articles and news are read and our advertiser messages are seen.

With over 13,000 members, we believe mivision’s Facebook page has become the largest eye care community on social media in the world.

We’ve had a good look around:
20/20 Magazine from the USA has approx. 2,800 members
Review of Optometry (USA) has approx. 3,000 members
Vedere International (Italy) approx. 2,600 members
Totally Optical (USA) approx. 1,300 members
Vision Monday (USA) approx. 1,100 members
Women in Optometry (USA) has 983 members
Centre for Eye Research Australia approx. 900
Insight newspaper & 20/20 magazine (Aust) 375 members (page removed 19 May 2011)

Australian Optometry
, Contact Lens Spectrum (USA) and Optician Magazine from the UK aren’t on Facebook.

Sure there are optical consumer pages like Ray-Ban (1.8 million), Specsavers (49,000) and Clearly Contacts (69,000 USA and 29,000 Aust) but these pages are clearly targeted at the consumer. As far as we know, mivision, as a creator of optical content, is a leader in social media in communicating to the international eye care and eyewear community.

Of course, we could be wrong. If you know of a larger optical community on social media, please let us know. Drop us a note on our page www.facebook.com/mivision.