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Thursday / May 30.
HomeminewsBlind Woman Wins Marathon

Blind Woman Wins Marathon

A legally blind woman has won the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, U.S.A. Amy McDonaugh, 34 from South Carolina, who underwent jaw surgery just prior to competing in her fifth marathon is totally blind in her right eye and almost completely blind in her left eye.

She navigated the marathon by following the people ahead of her and staying close to the pacer who had balloons, and was eventually able to pull away from the rest of the women.

Ms. McDonaugh said the start of the race was challenging because she was bumping into people all around her. Once she pulled away from the pack, she relied on the lights of the pace car to guide her.

“It’s God’s grace. I was just having fun the whole time. I really was. I never felt like I wanted to quit. I’m in pain. It was just fun,” she said.

Ms. McDonaugh won the Flying Pig with an unofficial time of 2:58:15.