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Monday / June 24.
HomeminewsBusiness as Usual for Optica Life

Business as Usual for Optica Life

It’s business as usual for Christchurch based Optica Life Accessories despite the ongoing after shocks that have rocked the city over the past weeks and months.

The Optica Life Accessories warehouse was on the edge of the epi-centre of the massive Christchurch earthquake in February. The premises were all but destroyed and the company forced to move to Addington, west of the CBD.

“The warehouse was munted so we were forced to move out, which was just as well because if we’d been able to stay on in Ferrymead, the massive aftershocks on 15 June would have had us in crisis,” said John Nichol, Managing Director of Optica.

At the time of the February earthquake, Mr. Nichol was working on the warehouse mezzanine level. Within seconds of the quake hitting, he found himself thrown to the ground floor.

But the shock of our surrounds soon faded and was replaced with concerns for family and friends…

“The staff coped with the quake amazingly well. Coincidentally we’d undertaken earthquake training a couple of weeks before so we were as prepared as we could have been.

“Once the main tremor was over, we got up, looked around and we were pretty distressed by what had happened. But the shock of our surrounds soon faded and was replaced with concerns for family and friends. With no phone lines, we couldn’t make contact with anyone, it was worrying to say the least.”

Fortunately there were no injuries suffered or loss of life among family and friends.

“We were able to get back to work relatively soon after the quake to organise new premises and order in new stock. Now that we’re in Addington, we’re back to operating as usual,” said Mr. Nichol.